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writings_bullitThe Secret Solution-$17 – What the Gurus Forgot to Tell You.

writings_bullitBelief Change-$26 – The Book A Do-It-Yourself Manual – How-to Remove Limiting Beliefs that Prevent You from Living your Ideal Life.

writings_bullitWhat is it that causes some kids to take dope and other kids not too? What causes some kids to party hearty and other kids to study, study? What causes some kids to succeed others to fail, flounder or just get by? I asked ordinary but successful people to remember a time when they were tempted or pressured to choose something labeled destructive, unacceptable or negative and what made you choose not to do it? I asked them, “What caused you to say no when your peers invited you to smoke a joint, drink a beer or cut class?” What caused you to study and pursue a career while others were living it up?. I asked them and they were glad to answer? What I discovered were 3 common success factors. Read this article to find out more.


writings_bullit“The quality of your life is the product of the quality of the choices you make.”
Take note of this, it is also choices we make moment by moment that shape our life.

writings-bullit Love Extraordinaire

writings_bullitLove Extraordinaire – How and where to find it and how to keep on keeping on through the wait. Stories of how 100 people met their soul mate. Each story inspires hope that one can find a soul mate. We found four common themes to the meetings. More often than not people met at school, work, internet, through their common interests or spontaneously. The book touches on the four C’s, four time tested relationship success principles. If you or someone you know is single or just wants inspiration this book will enlighten, educate and entertain.

Life Extraordinaire – Assuming life is a gift, one gets to apply five principles daily, moment by moment, on four levels: self, family, community and globally. Acceptance, Forgiveness, Love, Mirroring, and NOW are on going practices that the understanding and application of produce peace, harmony and balance; their absence produces conflict, dis-ease and imbalance.

Read the introduction to our new book, Life and Love Extraordinaire here.