Welcome to APCD (A Profound Constructive Difference) Institute. The business, established in 2000, exists to assist people in finding meaning, purpose and fulfillment in their life experience. The business strives to facilitate personal growth for its clients in all aspects of wellness: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Occupational.

“To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.” – Plutarch

About Reverend Jan
More than another example of the Law of Attraction in Action, Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll has stepped it up a notch with her answer to The Secret and A New Earth: The Solution – The ZuK Paradox Revealed. If these books were a sandwich, she claims, “The Secret would be the bottom bun, A New Earth its top while my book, The Solution – The ZuK Paradox Revealed would be the filling that connects, closes and adds the flavor to the gap!“

“The Law of Attraction works every time and immediately,” she proclaims passionately, “it is most often the mismatch between what we “ask for” and what we “believe” that delays and can block wants and dreams becoming our reality. Thus,” she continues, “the need for a solution.”

“The paradox,” she adds, “is that blocks and delays are the best thing that could ever happen to those of us with ‘yucky stuff’ hidden from our consciousness. The resistance we experience is the essential clue that can lead us to explore the pathways into our unconscious mind. Out of what we learn, we have the ability to redesign and align the ‘yucky” into ‘useful’ which enables us to not only attract our dreams and wishes but to also keep and enjoy them! Ultimately,” she smiles that I can’t wait to share this with you grin, “Ultimately, we realize the opportunity to reconcile – Eden’s Law and our Soul’s Mission.”

Some say the unconscious mind is the frontier of the 21st Century. The great unknown that once explored and developed, enables a modern day pioneer to become the master of their hopes and dreams. That journey is on your soul’s flight plan! Hold onto your seat because using jan’s tactics and methods will guide you along the adventure of a lifetime!

Along with her mentor and close friend Elexis Rice, in 2007 Jan became a published author bringing hope and inspiration to those seeking their soul mate. Their book, Life and Love Extraordinaire, is further evidence of her unwavering passion to help people solve their problems. This passion has led to an impressive talent and ability to recognize patterns and themes underlying common challenges that friends, employees, peers and clients face. And, from this has evolved into an acclaimed “gap closing expert”!

Following the popularity of The Secret, she began hearing a growing rumbling of discontent. Many participants in her groups unabashedly shared their disappointment, frustration and disillusionment with the Law of Attraction. Feelings of inadequacy and incompetence turned into disbelief and disgust when requests appeared to go unanswered. This was familiar ground – a gap!

With educational training in Nursing, Technology and Psychology, specifically her studies of Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and Dr. C. G. Jung and a Masters Degree from the School of Hard Knocks she continues to refine her expertise. Today, Jan is certain she holds the key to removing barriers and limitations that close the gap to a meaningful, fulfilling life. The evidence, her life! Your opportunity, her book, The Solution – The ZuK Paradox Revealed, workshops and more all found inside this website.

Feeling unstoppable now, her next book, the Science of Spirituality will leverage her Nursing experiences and studies as well as undergrad degrees in Electronics Technology and Psychology to lay the foundation supporting her strong belief in a Higher Intelligence, an energy called God!

About Reverend Jan’s Teachings

Who: Human’s are an extension of a non-physical spiritual self that chose a physical sensory lifetime experience
Why: The purpose for a physical sensory lifetime experience is to enjoy a physical world
What: Because the non-physical spiritual source is growing, learning and expanding there is a mission attached to a physical sensory lifetime experience: to reconcile duality
Reconciliation: To reconcile duality means to experience both good and evil, ultimately choosing good because it is the right choice
Duality: Duality exists to expand non-physical spiritual source’s wisdom and understanding
Expansion: In an earthly physical sensory lifetime experience it is through the experience of evil that we know, appreciate and value good and it is only in relation to good that we recognize evil. At the time of reconciliation there will be appreciation and acknowledgement of good without need for a contrast to evil.
Intelligent Design: Everything happens for a reason; everything that exists has relevance, value and purpose.
Soul: A soul carries forward that which requires reconciliation and is unique to a physical sensory experience that moves with its non-physical extension through multiple lifetimes. It can be analogous to the records that follow US physical sensory lifetime extensions (a.k.a. humans, people or in this instance, students) through their education period.
Reconciled: Once reconciliation occurs, energy is neutralized, the soul is “lighter” and more of the non-physical spiritual self reaches consciousness.
Eden’s Law: when a soul achieves complete reconciliation, all energy attached to it is neutralized; then consciousness realizes the non-physical spiritual self fully, unimpeded by emotional charge and the non-physical spiritual self experiences The Garden of Eden – Paradise, much wiser for having experienced and transcended duality.
The ZuK Paradox: must experience, understand and transcend both good and evil to achieve reconciliation – hence, the reason for poverty, violence, pain and suffering – your soul chose it much like a student chooses a class at school.
When: no worries, no hurries! Everybody gets there eventually! The only way spiritual essence has to experience the five senses – taste, sight, sound, touch and scent – is through a physical expression and so it is that we might as well enjoy the ride as we learn the lesson to play well with others!

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